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Anything, Anywhere

The Future of Retail and how to build a digital first roadmap to growth
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  • As one of the true visionaries in our industry, Matt has created a path for ‘commerce’ to evolve, and for individual merchants to scale and compete at a global level. His experience, determination and positive approach to turning challenges into opportunities has made it easier for others to succeed.
    Drew Green Chairman and CEO, INDOCHINO
  • Matt’s family history in retail, along with 10+ years of helping companies navigate the digital ecommerce landscape, gives him a unique and often refreshing take on the future of commerce.
    Ben Burmaster President of Snuggle Bugz
  • This books show you what to do when your e-commerce company is stalling out in growth, and you just can't seem to break past the $1M/year milestone. Matthew has has a pulse on the changing face of retail in a way few experts do. He's the real deal.
    Dev Basu CEO of Powered by Search
Matt Bertulli

About Matt:

Matt Bertulli is CEO and Co-Founder of Demac Media, a company of marketers, designers, and developers that help merchants grow and optimize their ecommerce businesses. To date, Matt has helped build and grow over 100 retailers. When Matt isn’t helping commerce companies grow you can find him tearing up back forest trails with his Santa Cruz 5010!

About Anything, Anywhere:

It’s a new era in retail. Anything can be purchased anywhere, at any time. We have entered an age when advanced communication technology, once the exclusive privilege of large, wealthy companies, is available to anyone.  Ecommerce has rewritten the rules of buying and selling, and every merchant needs to know how to negotiate the landscape.  Matt Bertulli has devised THE essential ecommerce playbook for retail startups and established B2B and B2C retailers, providing step-by-step solutions to he
lp you plan, build and grow a profitable retail business.

You will learn:

  • Develop digital roadmaps to guide you to shoppers and to guide shoppers to your product
  • Invest in the right technology and the right people
  • Determine the best online channels for building your business
  • Establish practical goals and a proper sequence of actions to achieve them
  • Avoid conflicts by utilizing separate channels for wholesale and online sales
  • Gain valuable information from your customers’ online journeys

Ecommerce has leveled the playing field, enabling smaller companies to compete with the giants in the online marketplace.  Everyone with a product to sell needs to do so online.  ANYTHING, ANYWHERE is your go-to guidebook for success in the brave new world of ecommerce retail.

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